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Alex Will Do It: Stratosphere Jump

Stratosphere -

Welcome to the Stratosphere Jump. Alex who has a tremendous fear of heights will be jumping off of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. Alex Will Do It has seen Alex do pretty much anything and everything to put him in physical pain, this one confronts a different type of pain.

Stratosphere Jump

The mental component of this Alex Will Do It challenge has made Alex literally pale thinking about the over eight hundred feet he’ll be free-falling. Granted, he is attached to a rope so it’s kind of safe. The rope could break and Alex could experience some actual physical pain in addition to the mental anguish. We love Alex though and we want him to conquer his fears. So we hope the rope doesn’t break, that would be very very sad. After this, Alex will hopefully not be afraid of heights anymore and he’ll be even more indestructible. Out of all of the challenges, this seems to be the only one that Alex is visibly disturbed by.

Stratosphere Jump

Our intrepid adventurer has welcomed all challenges knowing that pain will eventually subside and he’ll stand the victor once again. Nothing that he’s tried before has been so bad that it would cause him to actually die. Neither does this one…we think. Surely the rope is subjected to regular maintenance standards and the people performing said maintenance are highly skilled professionals. He walks to the edge and…easily steps off, showing that Marines are willing (albeit hesitantly) to tackle whatever fears they have to accomplish the mission.

Stratosphere Jump

Maybe some of our viewers would be willing to grant Alex the honorary designation as Airborne? We doubt it, but at least Alex can say he went through with it. That’s another challenge set up and knocked down by Alex in this week’s Stratosphere jump. What more can we do to Alex?

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