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Alex Will Do It: OC Spray 3/5 (2)

In an impromptu video feed. Alex was lucky enough to receive a shot of OC spray straight to the face. If that wasn’t bad enough, his ability as a Marine called into question to see if he could reassemble a rifle from the firing pin up. Will Alex show the world how a Marine succeeds under pressure?

OC Spray

Despite the pain from San Antonio still lingering in his mind, the Alex Will Do It series would power through. Back in Carol Stream, Alex stands ready to receive the shot of OC spray, then assemble an AR-15 to make Chesty Puller and newly appointed Secretary of Defense James Mattis proud. The anticipation is killing Alex as he can’t keep his eyes open. The blast of orange less than lethal deterrent launches out in a glorious stream right onto Alex’s face. Now with his face covered in the OC spray, Alex approaches the rifle laid out on the table.

OC Spray

The spray takes little time to take effect and we can see the immediate effects of the orange goo caking his face. Before even getting to the rifle on the table, merely five yards away on the table, Alex is having trouble walking. He stumbles a few steps bends over contemplating trying to wipe the spray from his face. He decides against it, as that would only intensify the pain he’s already enduring. The rifle assembly is not going well, Alex is dropping pieces and having difficulty finding the holes (feel free to insert joke here). If he could only get the bolt carrier group he’d be money.

OC Spray

Unfortunately, the bolt carrier group proves to be too much of a challenge with the OC spray and Alex fails to complete the mission. Chesty is not impressed, and Mattis hangs his head in shame. We’re still proud of Alex though, he gave it a solid go and had a ton of OC spray on his face.

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