Violent But True Bed Time Stories: Season 2 Episode 13 David Bleak

Life sure was bleak for those that found themselves up against David Bleak. David Bruce Bleak was a six foot six inch tall, two hundred and fifty-pound behemoth of a man who fought in the Korean War. He’s just that type of guy that could choke out a bear…one handed.

David Bleak

David was a big softy and was sent to Korea as a field medic. We all know how much our “Docs” love the miscreants under their care and how they’ll do anything to protect them. David Bleak was no exception to that rule and showed how much he cared about his fellow soldiers by killing a whole heap of enemy soldiers. David wasn’t too pleased when Chinese forces opened fire on him and those around him. In fact, he was downright angry and David didn’t get angry too often, you wouldn’t like him if he’s angry.

David Bleak

During a patrol around Hill 499 Bleak and his men came under intense fire and several men from the lead part of the patrol were hit. Bleak was like “Hell no you’re not doing that garbage to my men,” and he leaped into action. He started treating the wounded as hordes of Chinese forces started to bum-rush Bleak. David Bleak was now angry and it soon became apparent why you shouldn’t make David angry. He jumped into a trench, tackling the two soldiers and subsequently snapping one of their necks with a smooth twist off cap motion. He’d just begun! The other soldier he’d tackled, he grabbed by the throat and squeezed until all manner of life had drained from the man. He crushed the man’s windpipe with his bear-hands (you might think that’s a typo, no we mean he literally has bear-like hands). The behemoth went on killing Chinese soldiers like it was cool.

David Bleak

During his entire massacre, David Bleak didn’t even once pick up a firearm. For his actions that day, David was awarded the Medal of Honor.

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