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Grunt Style Events: Grunt Fest 2

Grunt Fest 2 hit the water again at Blarney Island, Illinois, the infamous site of Grunt Fest 1. This time it was even bigger and better with everyone keen on what to expect from a Grunt Style party. Folks like the ever beautiful Rudy Reyes showed up (remember everyone thinks Rudy is hot), as well as several more.

Grunt Fest 2

Again a bikini contest was had to determine the next Grunt Style model and good lord was it epic. There is no shortage of beautiful women in the Midwest, or wherever else these wonderful ladies came from. They came, they saw and they conquered the stage like Roman legions marching across the Mediterranean. If you weren’t there, we can definitely say that you missed out. There is nothing more American than boobs and beer…are we missing something else that starts with the letter B? The party was just getting started and there was more to come.

Grunt Fest 2

Enter the cast of miscreants that helped make Grunt Fest 2 a huge success. We already told you about Rudy Reyes being here, Drew Hernandez from “A Combat Veteran” also made an appearance, as did the Grunt Style 1st Sgt Tim Jensen and a few guys from Veteran Radio Syndicate. With all these men in one place, its a miracle the place is still standing. The sheer force from all of their beards and combined badassery is enough to make Chuck Norris take notice and steer clear. Grunt Fest isn’t your normal festival, it’s wild, its crazy but all in all everyone there has one thing in common. They love this country and the freedom we have to celebrate and live our lives as we see fit.

Grunt Fest

That’s all Grunt Fest is, it’s a celebration of everything that is great about America. Don’t miss out on all the fun that Grunt Fest is about. If you haven’t made it yet, you’re wrong.

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