Grunt Style Professional: Money Smart Guy

Matt Sapaula, the Money Smart Guy, who hosts the “Living Money Smart” VLOG interviewed Grunt Style CEO Daniel Alarik on his show. As the Money Smart Guy, Matt asks some really great questions that encompass the full width and breadth of how Grunt Style was started and where they are now.

Money Smart Guy

The first question Matt had for Dan was simple, “What attributes do veterans have that translate to entrepreneurship?” Easy question for Dan to answer, its the work ethic. There are no set hours, you go until the mission is finished. Hard work to some folks means giving your all for your allotted time. For many veterans though, the answer is giving your all until the mission (or job) is complete and successful. Another great question was “What was your first investment into your business?” The reason it’s a great question is because of the great answer. It was a billboard right outside of Fort Benning. What they expected to be a big pay off almost bankrupted them. Sticking to what you know and having risk management will save your butt!

Money Smart Guy

“Police officer, firefighter and postal worker are common jobs for most veterans. What were you thinking about doing after your military service,” Matt asked. While those are all great jobs and there is honor in that work, it isn’t for everyone and veterans are making it big in the area of entrepreneurship. The only thing that the military doesn’t teach is the sales portion of building a business. The hard work and the innovative ideas are easy to come by, but selling is a definitive necessity to learn.

Money Smart Guy

All of these questions are great and there are great answers. Grunt Style has set a template for other veterans to follow by keeping things simple and showing them how success can be achieved.


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