Grunt Style Professional: Dan Alarik, Cigars and Sea Stories

Daniel Alarik joins the podcast Cigars and Sea Stories, hosted by Marine veteran Michael Penney and Jeremy Paris. During the podcast, Dan goes into detail about how the “hustle” became a successful business. He captures the highs and lows of the beginning years of Grunt Style. With thought-provoking questions from Michael and Jeremy, Dan talks the crew of Cigars and Sea Stories through the step by step process of his success.

Cigars and Sea Stories

The biggest thing we’ve all seen in the interviews with Daniel is the focus on the hustle. What does hustle mean? The hustle is going out and getting it. Like Dan says in the interview, we wanted to kill terrorists, we didn’t wait for them to come here, we set out and went to them. In the same way, many people focus on designing the website or making things pretty, Dan went out and saw if people were willing to buy his product first before he invested in anything fancy. Dan just went from military post to military post selling his product. You have to go out and sell. “If you’re not selling, you’re not in business, you’re busy.”

Cigars and Sea Stories

Another focus was being humble enough to learn from those that are better than you. Before going to a trade show in Las Vegas, Grunt Style was on the verge of shutting their doors. The goal was to make six thousand dollars at the trade show. They came away with $6200. You might be an all-star at certain things, but there are people that are better than you. You can learn from them, and it’s okay to admit those facts. That’s how you become successful.

Cigars and Sea Stories

Couple all of these with the launch of Alpha Outpost, another successful venture that Dan has launched and you’ve got a winning combination. Alpha Outpost provides box of the month gear designed to solve problems.



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