Grunt Style Professional: Tim Jensen, Cigars and Sea Stories

Tim Jensen, the current Cheif Operations Officer of Grunt Style sits down with two pioneers of veteran entrepreneurship on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories. Tim is joined by Bennett Tanton and Michael Penney both fellow infantry Marines and founders of the extremely successful Cigars and Sea Stories podcast. Bennett’s reconnaissance background has been absolutely essential to the growth and development of Cigars and Sea Stories.

Tim Jensen
Bennett and Michael

Tim’s story is very similar to that of many veterans getting out of the military post-war. He was working as a union carpenter in Chicago. The money was good, but it was not a good fit for Tim. He wanted to get out of it by the age of thirty. At 31, he got out and decided to use the GI Bill and get an education. He earned a bachelors degree in “creating video games.” Despite early success publishing comic books, it wasn’t necessarily paying the bills. Tim sent out his resume to several places and interviewed at Grunt Style as a graphic designer. He was turned down but received a phone call from Daniel, offering him a job folding shirts. He took it because “You could just feel the sense of pride and camaraderie, there was something unique and different there.”

Tim Jensen
Grunt Style 1st Sgt

With that Tim’s journey at Grunt Style began. He quickly rose through the ranks and created many positions that were essential to Grunt Styles growth. His story could be any one of your stories. A man who worked hard set a few goals and through his dedication and work ethic rose through the ranks at a Grunt Style. Tim Jensen is now famous (or infamous either way) for his “Violent But True Bed Time Stories” that you can find here on this site.

Tim Jensen
Violent But True

In addition to the role of Grunt Style 1st Sgt, as the Chief Operations Officer, Tim ensures that the day to day operations of Grunt Style run smooth.

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