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Grunt Style Professional: Building a Team

Many people are looking for a path. They’re looking for a way to make it on their own. Grunt Style CEO Dan Alarik talks about the importance of building a team. One of the things the military taught Dan was that nobody, no matter how good they are, can do everything all by a team


No matter how good you are, you can’t do it on your own. Super inspiring right? It should be. The idea that you’re able to do everything by yourself is extremely unrealistic. Even the best among us will eventually get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of things to be done. Early on in Grunt Style’s history, Dan was doing it all. While this is okay for a short time, it is unsustainable in the long run. That’s when it became necessary to build a team. Slowly but surely Dan was able to enlist people to take over tasks one by one. Now the company employs over four hundred people, with a large percentage being veterans. Now we’re a building a team.

build a team

Experience is crucial though. You can’t build a team properly if you don’t know what needs to be filled. If you have no experience in your field, how do you know who you need on your team? You don’t. It takes time to develop the expertise to know who needs to be on the team. How does that happen? You’ve got to put in the work. In all of the areas you’re looking to fill, you need to have some knowledge of what’s needed there.

build a team

It’s a grind. It takes grit and effort and long nights, but developing success isn’t easy, if it were everyone would do it. It takes time and discipline to learn the things you’re not good at, learn where you need help and fill in the gaps with the right personnel.

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