Merica Bourbon: Tennessee Release

The Tennessee release is here! It is with great pride and joy that Merica Bourbon has officially made it into the great state of Tennessee. Starting in January, residents of The Volunteer State will see Merica Bourbon partner with Lipman Brothers Distribution to bring a smooth one of a kind bourbon to their shelves.

Tennessee Release

Merica Bourbon has already made a gigantic splash in Texas, where everyone who gets their hands on it says it’s one of the best bourbons they’ve ever tasted. The most talked about attribute regarding Merica Bourbon is the smooth flavor and finish. Many long-time bourbon connoisseurs, aficionados, and casual drinkers have agreed that after trying Merica Bourbon, it belongs among their top choices for bourbon, if not the top choice. The story behind Merica Bourbon adds depth to the already great tasting spirit. Not only does it taste great, but this bourbon is the product of joint cooperation between Grunt Style and Famous Brands CEO’s Dan Alarik and Derek Sisson. Both of these phenomenal men felt a desire to create a spirit that was true to the idea of America, it’s pride and it’s patriotism. Several months later Merica Bourbon was born and another great chapter in each company’s books was started.

Tennessee Release

The Tennessee release of Merica Bourbon is another great milestone. Like Merica Bourbon, Tennesee has a great wealth of history and true American roots. From the War of 1812 and onward (even in the Texas revolution), the great state of Tennesee has shown to be a true blue representation of the indomitable American spirit. Tennessee has a rich history of whiskey as well and we’re excited to have our Merica Bourbon placed among so many iconic names.

Tennessee Release

Those of you living in Tennessee, you won’t have to wait too much longer till you’re able to get your hand on the veteran owned and produced Merica Bourbon.

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  1. Can’t find a distributor close to me in SD…I saw in an earlier question that they should use FB. I don’t have FB, any suggestions? I try using the map on the website but it doesn’t seem to work

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