Grunt Style Funny Shorts: Lt. Dick Found Grunt Style

Lt. Dick found Grunt Style. We thought we’d lost him. We thought that his poor land navigation skills would allow us to move locations and completely be rid of him. Yet he found us. Someone had to have told him where we were or given him a ride.

Lt. Dick Found Grunt Style

It’s not that we dislike officers. We just don’t like Lt. Dick. He lives up to his name in some sort of weird universal karmic justice that allows everyone to know he is as advertised, a dick. Can we get rid of him again? Lt. Dick found Grunt Style and work has slowed to a crawl. Citing unknown regulations and chewing out workers for ridiculous things, it’s everything you expected from a 2nd lieutenant. Most officers just go to their office and stay out of the way. Lt. Dick doesn’t though, the level of…we’ll call it motivation that is on display is not just counterproductive, it’s annoying as well.

Lt. Dick Found Grunt Style

From the hours of 8 a.m. to around 10:30 am, we get a lot of work done. Then it slows down till about 3 p.m. when Lt. Dick leaves. Maybe if someone filled his coffee cup it would get him to stop talking for a couple of sips. There is, however, the issue of giving a scalding hot beverage to such a walking catastrophe. We’re not entirely sure we want to “arm” Lt. Dick with hot coffee. Just doesn’t seem prudent at this point with how much he throws things on the ground and what not. Maybe when Grunt Style moves to San Antonio they’ll finally be rid of this bumbling, stumbling over motivated lieutenant.

Lt. Dick Found Grunt Style

One can only hope, just like with Spicy the Clown, nothing gets done when some of these characters start working here. Can someone get him to do the “advanced land nav course” (wink wink)?


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