Grunt Style Funny Shorts: Good Idea, Bad Idea

What is good idea, bad idea? We’re glad you asked! See good idea, bad idea is hypothetical decision-making game. When presented with a scenario, you can make a really good choice, or you can make a choice that ends with some pretty dire consequences for yourself.

good idea, bad idea

We generally play this game to show the FNG (friggin new guy) how his decision-making skills are not as finely tuned as he thought they were. For instance, we present the new guy with an either-or situation, like helping the Lt. with land navigation versus going with the Lt. on land navigation. One of those two choices is going to end up with you in the woods with the Lt. lost. You don’t want that do you? To be cold and shivering next to an equally hypothermic scared Lt.? Nobody wants to deal with that. Going with the Lt. would be a bad idea in this case, whereas helping the Lt. while you’re still in an office would be a good idea.

good idea, bad idea

Many different scenarios exist things that make sense while you’re in-country like, the good idea of not disturbing the very shady trash pile in the middle of the road until EOD shows up. The bad idea, in this case, would be running over to the trash pile with all your friends and kicking it. See how those two ideas are vastly different and have very different outcomes. Sometimes the game can get tricky, like in the video. Scaring the biggest guy at work might seem like a good idea because everyone will get a good chuckle, but you might also get knocked out.

good idea, bad idea

You really should weigh each possible outcome when playing “Good idea, bad idea.” Some consequences are more grave than others. You might end up being the source of your own doom.


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