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The Hades box is full of great gear for your camp out cooking needs. Several compact pieces of gear that are high quality and durable, but lightweight and easy to pack are included in this box. Don’t believe us? Try out a box over at Alpha Outpost and give us a try!

hades box

This week, the Hades box has all sort of cooking utensils and gear for use in the great outdoors. How do you put all those great tools to use? You open up the trusty handbook/comic that comes with each box, created in-house to match that boxes specific gear and tactics. The comic, always entertaining, will give you an example scenario in which to use the gear found in your box. The articles and tips follow the comic and include a challenge to help you prepare for any eventuality. The new PVC patches that are in the boxes are super durable and have a great design on them, whether you use it to label your specific gear from that month, or you just like the patch, it’s a nice touch.

hades box

The Hades box gear starts off with a thermos that’ll keep your hot beverage nice and hot despite whatever frigid temperatures you’re in. When you don’t have to use it for a hot or cold beverage, it’s a trusty durable place to pack a small snack like almonds or trail mix. Next item we have is the grill, it’s super easy to put together as you can see in the video and takes up very little space. What a great cooktop for cooking outdoors. Moving on, we have the grilling “multi-tool” with spatula, grill fork and brush. Last but not least, we have the pot and pan great for cooking outdoors.

hades box

All in all, this is a great set of no fluff. It has everything you need, with nothing you don’t. Keep checking out our page for more videos from all over Grunt Style.

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