Top 5 Conceal Carry Positions

Carrying preferences differ across the board, we’re here to help you decide which is best for you. The top 5 conceal carry positions are meant to give you a short guide on some of the pros and cons of each carry position.

1.  Inside the Waistband 3 o’clock positionTop 5 Conceal Carry Positions

This method is tried and true. Inside the waistband of your pants on your dominant side, is by far one of the more common and more practical places to carry your firearm. Depending on the size of your firearm, you and the clothes you wear, most pistols built to be concealed will hide nicely in that spot. The downside to this position is when you’re driving, its hard to get to your pistol.

2. Inside the Waistband small of the back

This is another pretty common position to carry in. This will keep the pistol flush against your back and negate printing from a larger firearm if you so happen to carry a larger gun. The same benefits apply here as did the previous method, but you’re reaching a little further back so it gets knocked down on our list. In addition, its damn near impossible to get to your firearm while driving in this position.

Top 5 Conceal Carry Positions

3. Inside the Waistband cross-draw

This is a great method because people don’t expect you to have a gun on your non-dominant side. Its downside is that the draw motion is extremely long and unnatural. You’re making a very large movement that many people will take notice of and in a scenario when milliseconds count, your draw is taking a lot of time. Luckily, you can get to your piece a little bit better if you’re driving.

Top 5 Conceal Carry Positions


4. Shoulder Holster

If you wear a suit most of the time then this carry position isn’t a bad one to have. The only downside is that depending on the quality of holster and it’s fit, you might have some slack when trying to draw your weapon. Again this another really long draw that takes time to complete that you may not have.


Top 5 Conceal Carry Positions

5. Inside the Waistband front

Coming in at number 5  on our top 5 conceal carry positions is the front IWB. So this is an odd position and we know there are many people that practice this carry position. However, there are many detractors saying you’ll shoot your d*** off. The reason for this coming in last place is the sheer uncomfortability of it. It’s uncomfortable when you drive, and when you walk, nearly everything you do in this carry position is uncomfortable. The only benefit we see from this is that when you draw, you’re center-line on your target.

Top 5 Conceal Carry Positions




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