California Teacher Rant

By now we’re sure you’ve all heard about the teacher in California that went on an anti-military rant. We’ve held off on saying anything about this because, well honestly it hits pretty close to home as most of the people here are former military. We decided to gather our thoughts before commenting on Gregory Salcido’s diatribe. We have a couple of key points that we feel are of immense importance regarding Mr. Salcido’s comments.

Point number one. Who are you to talk to a child like that? Yes, it’s high school and the entire classroom was filled with young adults, but they’re not adults yet. What kind of person verbally attacks a student? What made you so angry, that you felt it necessary to attack a child who was wearing something to support his family? The lesson everyone in that classroom learned is that a high school teacher and city councilman, can with his authority, bully those he disagrees with. Luckily for the community and the child, they were quick to respond and there will most certainly be consequences for this rant.

Gregory Salcido

Point number two. Knowing all the veterans and active duty members that we know, they’re not worried about Gregory Salcido. They’ve got bigger fish to fry. The tirade that took place was so unhinged that we almost thought it was coming from The Onion. Had it not been for the attack on a child many veterans would have passed this man off as a looney who needed no attention paid to him. But he bullied a child, and despite how “unintelligent” veterans are according to Mr. Salcido, they all know better than to act like Gregory Salcido did.

Mr. Salcido, you’re an adult and you’re expected to maintain a demeanor respective of your position in society. For shame. Free speech is one of the most sacred rights we have in this country, but not when it’s used to bully a child.

Gregory Salcido

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5 thoughts on “California Teacher Rant”

  1. What kills me is some teens will take his word as gospel. He’s 1., a teacher, most kids who weren’t raised by a pack of wolves or derelict parents listen to teachers because they’re supposed to be smart; 2., he’s a city councilman which to me kind of circles back to point number one. He’s forcing his dumb ass opinions on teens by using his position which is frustrating. I volunteer him for a nasal pharyngeal demonstrator.

  2. Teachers are paid to teach students the subject of the class to expand their understanding of that subject, not the teacher’s own personal opinions. His personal opinions are fine, freedom of speech, but that’s not what he’s being paid to teach other people’s children. It also seems that he was berating this particular student on a personal level to demean the student’s personal and family beliefs in front of his classmates. He should preach his personal opinions on his own time.

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