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While it is imperative that veterans reconnect with society in a rich and meaningful way, it is also absolutely necessary that they hold on to the bonds that were forged through the fire and hell of war and service. Holding onto those bonds is not only beneficial on the small scale but every once in a while something even better comes out of those friendships. Decisive bold action to help others. That’s what High Caliber Community is all about.

High Caliber Community


Through the bond that only warriors know, the High Caliber Community app was formed by three veterans, Alyssa, Chris, and Eli. These three individuals came together to create an app that connects veterans to others in what we like to call the “tribe” across the United States. Along the way, they added two more veterans, Josh and Brian who assist in the financial aspects and marketing of this High Caliber Community.

There are several mobile apps that allow people to socialize and hang out, but the people you meet are hit or miss. Nothing against them, but there is a level of understanding that occurs between members of the military that is hard for civilians to replicate and every now and again you need people who have that first-hand knowledge and understanding of your struggles to socialize with.

High Caliber Community

That’s where High Caliber Community comes in. Utilizing this mobile app, veterans, and military members are vetted and connected with one another fostering and developing the upon the foundation that was laid down while in the service. This app will meet a variety of needs, whether you need someone to talk to because you’re dealing with some problems, or you just want to hang out with fellow brothers and sisters in the “tribe”.

Wherever you are, this app will ensure that you meet high caliber individuals that are part of our growing community of veterans.

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High Caliber Community






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