Low Tide Raid Shoes Review

So Grunt Style makes shoes now. We at American Grit were able to get our hands on a pair of the Low Tide Raid Shoes and put them through there paces.

The first thing we noticed was how durable they were. Grunt Style beer guaranteed them, but for why we don’t know. They won’t need it. These kicks are tough as nails on the outside and comfortable on the inside. We did everything in these shoes, from finning to running, to weightlifting and even a night out on the town.

Despite ordering a half size bigger, the fit right out of the box was superb. No blisters or hot spots despite hitting the ground running with these shoes. Whether you choose to wear socks or not due to the amphibious nature of you’re the job, the shoes had a snug but extremely comfortable fit and feel to them.

Low Tide Raid Shoes

The look. After all the playing we did, we took a damp washcloth and gave the shoes a once over. They looked fresh out of the box clean. Everyone immediately noticed these shoes asking if they were the “iconic” Chuck Taylor’s. Imagine the surprise and joy when they found out they were made by none other than Grunt Style.

Anyone whose done any sort of amphibious work, whether special operations or swift water rescue, know the need for high-quality durable shoes that can be worn on land or in water.

Low Tide Raid Shoes

We talk a lot about having one tool that can accomplish a variety of missions, these shoes fit that bill. If you buy them for work or for play, their durability, comfort, and style are worth the money you’ll pay, not to mention the fact that they have the famous “Grunt Style Beer Guarantee” attached to them.  Check out the high top versions as well, we’re sure they’re equally as fantastic!

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    I bought a pair of these. It’s the best pair of shoes I have worn since Keens made real shoes back in 2000. Got the look of Chucks with the quality of a well-made pair of shoes! If you are on the fence, take a chance. You are very likely to fall in love with these.


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