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National Pizza Day

Everyone stop what you’re doing! Unless you’re eating pizza, then by all means continue. If you’re not eating pizza, then go find pizza and put it in your mouth! Today is National Pizza Day and if that isn’t enough to get you through today and on to the weekend then there will be no pleasing you, and also we don’t want to be friends with you anymore. Just kidding, but really, who hates pizza? Someone we don’t want to hang out with.

Whether your love for pizza is the authentic Italian style pizza or the famous American takes on pizza from New York and Chicago, we can support any type of pizza consumption unless you’ve got weird ingredients, then you’re ruining pizza, and you should be hunted down and publicly shamed for your heresy and abominable creation. While we’re talking about controversial pizza ingredients, let’s get one thing clear. Pineapple does go on pizza and that’s the end of that. We will totally fight people behind the monkey bars after math class.

National Pizza Day

Okay, that was kind of aggressive, we’re sorry, but we love pizza so we get a little passionate about it. It’s not that we hate other foods, it’s just that pizza seemingly heals all wounds and afflictions. Had a bad day? Pizza will help. Going through a breakup? Pizza will comfort you. Celebrating a birthday? Pizza is there to tell you how happy it is for you. Whether hot or cold, pizza is quite possibly one of the greatest foods ever invented.

So grab a friend, ditch work early (don’t get caught) and go out for some pizza and beer with all your best friends to pay homage to a food that has never let you down.

National Pizza Day

Seriously pineapple goes on pizza. Stop arguing with us. It’s not changing anything.


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