Monday Motivation: Remember

Remember when you were young and idealistic? Maybe you still are. Maybe, you’re young and but you’re not idealistic anymore. Maybe you’re older and you’re still idealistic. Idealism is a funny thing, while many of us paint idealists/idealism as ignorant as to the way the world really works. We get that, we understand. But let us offer our two cents regarding remembering.

There was a time when many of us were young and we wanted to change the world, make great differences in the world. However, life got in the way. Maybe folks backstabbed you at work? Maybe you were due up for a promotion but were passed over by someone less qualified.  Maybe it’s not even in your professional life, but in your personal life as well. Cheaters, liars, abusers…we’ve all had the world come up to us in some form or fashion and punch us right in the damn face. Life, the world, people, etc… it will happen to the best of us. But…


We remember a time before we joined the Marine Corps or the Army, or went into law enforcement or the fire service when we were to be the good in the world. We’re not saying you aren’t doing a good job given all that has happened in life, we’re saying remember the passion that sent you down the road you’re on now. A few of us in the office remember seeing 9/11 happen and despite whatever bravado was shown, in our hearts we said: “I want to be the defender of my people.”

When we ask you to remember today, we’re asking you to remember the fire inside of you that inspires you to work your ass off, get the job done, show everyone why you’re shit hot and nobody else is. The fire never died, but maybe it got smaller, we want to be the oxygen that blows new life turning your small pilot light into an insatiable inferno that burns through this week and the next. Have a great Monday everyone, and remember what it’s like to have that fire burn inside of you (not heartburn though, not that fire).Remember

Know what we're sayin fam?

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