Film Review: The 15:17 to Paris

This weekend we ventured out and took ourselves to the movies. After the popcorn and Twizzlers were purchased along with a Texas-sized Red Flash, we settled in to watch The 15:17 to Paris. A story about young men whose bravery inspires us to this day.

We’ll be honest. The movie wasn’t super entertaining. There no gigantic explosions or obscene car chases that we’ve come to love in modern cinema. All the elements of special effects, graphics, A-list actors…all of it was missing from The 15:17 to Paris. At times the movie felt extremely slow developing and maybe a little forced. But…

The 15:17 to Paris

This was far and away the most genuine realistic movie we’d ever seen. Sometimes movies are too “movie-ish”. The flow, the timing of everyone’s lines are so perfect that we knowingly admit that this is perfect to be realistic. For the most part, we enjoy that. We enjoy being taken to a fantasy land where everything lines up and the characters are so witty Shakespear would have a hard time keeping up.

Not the case with The 15:17 to Paris. We were so impressed by the level of realism that while we weren’t entertained, we were extremely inspired. The heroes in this story were not some Tier 1 special operations commando’s with licenses to kill and years of firearm training. They were average guys.

The 15:17 to Paris

The fight scenes were extremely realistic, showing the grittiness of an actual hand to hand fight with a determined attacker. The dialogue was as awkward as the characters, which added to the realism even more so.

People aren’t perfect, people are flawed in tiny, minuscule ways that don’t always make for the best conversations, however, their actions spoke with clarity.

We weren’t entertained by The 15:17 to Paris, we were inspired to be forces for good in this world and act when the time comes to be a shield and a defender! We hope you enjoy the movie as much as we did.

From this Marine, 5 out of 5 crayon rating! (especially for casting the actual heroes)



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