Best Infantry(ish) Units in the Marine Corps

Well well well, what do we have here? A biased opinion on the best infantry(ish) units in the United States Marine Corps…Should we include the MARSOC and Reconassaince warriors or not? Ok ok, we’ll include them. They’ve earned it after all, but mark our words, the regiments outside of the special forces community are no joke either and chances are, you don’t want to tussle with any Marine unit. We heard from a reliable source that Marines like to drink and fight…

Remember how hard this was for us to choose.

Original Marine Raiders

To the few who remain, you’re the best.  The original Marine Raiders carved out a legacy that Marines who followed, whether Special Operations or run of the mill grunts can be proud of and strive towards. The things you accomplished and did for this nation, we are all forever grateful for blazing the trail into the modern age with your tactics, grit, and ferocity. Semper Fidelis!

Best Infantry(ish) Units in the Marine Corps

MARSOC/Marine Raiders

We’re not going to split hairs here, all of the MARSOC units are top of the line, if you want to be the best of the best in the Marine Corps, you’re looking at getting into a pipeline for MARSOC, or more affectionately known as the Raiders. The first Marine Raiders bestowed the name upon the MARSOC community as their job closely resembles that of the original Marine Raider units from WW2.

Best Infantry(ish) Units in the Marine Corps

Recon Community 

If you’re in a Recon community you’ve gone through the rigors of BRC and come out on top. There isn’t much that Reconnaissance Marines can’t do. From their namesake to carrying out direct action missions, we couldn’t pick just one Recon unit to best all the others. They are swift, silent and deadly.

Best Infantry(ish) Units in the Marine Corps

7th Marine Regiment (REIN)

It was Chesty Puller’s regiment, as well as John Basilone and Mitchell Paige as well. Continuing on it was Chaos actual’s regiment and the regiment of Cliff Wooldridge and Jason Dunham. In every single engagement they’ve been involved in, the 7th Marine Regiment has made a name for themselves. That name, The Magnificent Seventh Marines. Comprised of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions and then 3rd Battalion 4th Marines. The 7th Marine Regiment (REIN) is full of excellent hunters of bad guys.

Best Infantry(ish) Units in the Marine Corps

5th Marine Regiment (REIN)

Hard to not include the Marines that earned the name Devil Dog for the entire Marine Corps. One of only two regiments in the Marine Corps authorized to wear the French Fourragère, (the other being the 6th Marine Regiment) the Fighting Fifth likes to brawl and they’ve proven it time and time and time and again. Busting heads from Belleau Wood to Helmand Province (under the command of former 3rd Battalion 7th Marine commander, then Colonel, now Brigadier General Roger B. Turner).

Best Infantry(ish) Units in the Marine Corps

2nd Marine Regiment

From Tarawa to Iraq, the 2nd Marine Regiment has made the motto of Keep Moving a reality. Whether on the volcanic Island of Tarawa where Colonel David M. Shoup (future Commandant right there), was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions and leadership on Tarawa. The 2nd Marine Regiment then made up the core of Task Force Tarawa for the invasion of Iraq 15 years ago yesterday! In Iraq and Afghanistan, the unit proved they were not to be trifled with as the made the green grass grow!

Best Infantry(ish) Units in the Marine Corps

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