Knightcare Management and Covered 6: Securing our Future

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The name of the game today, security. Everyone is thinking more and more about how to be safe in an ever-evolving world of threats. Whether on the scale of national security or local safety, the product that is in demand is safety and security. What better path to take for a veteran than securing our future.

Knightcare is owned and operated by Marine Corps and Navy SEAL Veterans, Covered 6 is owned and operated by an Army veteran.  

These great veteran-owned companies have partnered together to do something incredible. They are giving veterans a way to secure our future. While we’re highlighting this as a great tool for veterans, you don’t have to be a veteran to get involved in the Knightcare Management/Covered 6 partnership. Check out their respective websites for more information. (Knightcare Management) (Covered 6)

Securing Our Future

Whether it’s guarding the rockets for Space X as we venture to the stars or safeguarding our students as they learn how to be leaders and innovators in school. When a veteran utilizes their Post 9/11 GI Bill, they come out of the academy with every single security certification necessary to acquire any security job.

We’ve highlighted several different options for veterans to get back into the workforce because it’s something we believe in. We know that when given a worthy cause, veterans are going to put the intangibles learned in the military to good use. That’s why this opportunity is so important.

Covered 6 has set the national standard for the Department of Labor for security jobs. They’re literally paving the way towards securing our future and setting the highest of standards no matter the field. Currently, Covered 6 is located in southern California, however, there are plans to expand into Texas and Florida as to open new opportunities for training across the nation. Soon you won’t have to travel across the country to benefit from the standard of excellence that Covered 6 is known for. 

Literally, anyone who goes through the Knightcare Management/Covered 6 will be exceptionally qualified for any job in the security field.

Upon graduation from the Covered 6 Academy, Knightcare’s goal is to get the graduates employed as soon as possible. The fastest way to employment is through the Private Security page.

 Securing Our Future

Couple that with the resources from Knightcare Management in your job search and soon you’ll be working a job that you love doing after being trained to the highest standards possible.

If you are a veteran and want to utilize your Post 9/11 GI Bill for this dynamic training, please contact Knightcare Management today !


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