Monday Motivation: Stand Fast

When it comes to the difficulties we face, there are times we must act courageously and set out upon a bold course. When confronted with our troubles and the stresses of our lives, sometimes doing something active and forging a path is too much to ask. Sometimes we just need to stand fast.

Do you all remember the arm-wrestling game where you grabbed your opponent’s forearm and you couldn’t move your feet once they were planted? Sometimes you needed to be forceful and strong pushing them off balance and other times you need to resist and be the rock. That’s how life is too. You can’t do it all, so sometimes, when the storm of life is upon you, instead of steaming ahead, you just need to buckle down and outlast. You need to ride the storm out and conserve your energy. Why? The storm possibly blew you off course, and you’re going to need that energy to get back on track or make it to the metaphorical shore.

In the military, many of us were so prone towards having a bias for action. In many cases, having that bias for action saved our lives and brought victory against overwhelming odds. We forget, however, famous last stands, and the hard-fought defense of places like Bastogne, where the 101st Airborne outlasted and endured hellacious conditions. They stood fast against insurmountable odds and outlasted with defiance.

Stand Fast

Let us in the spirit of the 101st Airborne and their brilliant, defiant stand at Bastogne, stand steadfast. No matter what waves crash against either our metaphorical ship or rock, let us endure so that we may fight another day. Understand our limitations and realize that sometimes the best thing we can do is outlast the storms of life. We know you’ve got this! Be strong, be brave, and know that you don’t always have to act in order to do something great.

Stand Fast

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