Rosa Parks: The Force of Liberty

In a land of liberty, where the random innocent decisions we make ought not to be questioned or put under the microscope, people have asked really dumb questions. One of those dumb questions is “Why did Rosa Parks have to sit in the front of the bus?” Well, friends, we’ll tell you why not the surface reason of why, but the deeper meaning of why that has implications for the future of our country and demonstrates exactly how one person can be an extremely positive force for good.

Rosa Parks understood liberty. That’s why she sat where she sat on the bus. That’s why she didn’t move. Because liberty, friends, is by its very nature defiant. It stands up to the tyrants through its sheer existence and that is exactly what Rosa did. Her resolve to stay seated where she had been, was the most powerful move she could have made to speak out for thousands of people across the land that, they will not be bullied, they will not be stepped on.

Rosa Parks understood liberty. She understood that she didn’t need a reason to do anything that she did that day because living in a free country means you don’t have to explain why you sit where you sit or interact with whom you interact with. That’s the beautiful thing about liberty. We don’t have to worry about you and you don’t have to worry about us. Our decisions are our own and the autonomy that comes with that surpasses all emotion and physical comforts.

Rosa Parks

The knowledge that you are free to come and go as you please is an extremely powerful force, and on that day people tried to suppress that force, only to find that the idea, the force of liberty will not be denied, not then, not now, nor ever.

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