Bootleggers: The Heroes We Deserved

Crime doesn’t pay. We’ll usually unless you were one of the bootleggers who proved that if you’re not first, your last! See there is an American past time that involves telling folks to go do something to themselves that wouldn’t be tolerated in polite company. The Prohibition Law, which we’ve already talked about not working, was a ridiculous law that did absolutely nothing for this country…sort of. Hindsight is 20/20 right? Bootleggers were not the heroes we needed, but they were the heroes we deserved.

Back in the day, from the roaring 20’s till 1933, the production, sale, and transport of alcohol was banned by federal writ. The 18th Amendment went into effect on January 17th, 1920 and suddenly America needed some heroes that wouldn’t stand for this abomination to liberty. Enter bootleggers, these renegades knew the difference between wrong and right and knew this law was the kind of stuff we step into when walking in a pasture frequented by male bovines who eat.

With fast cars and a mind for liberty just like the founding fathers, when they were told they couldn’t do something, they stood up and said: “Nah, we’re gonna do it anyways, good luck catching us.”


All through the 13-year reign of Prohibition, these bootleggers fixed up cars and perfected driving techniques to outrun the Prohibition Enforcement Agents. In keeping with our history and loving our traditions, this is where NASCAR got its start, fixing up stock cars to be as fast as they could be, coupled with some pretty fancy skills behind the wheels. As 1933 came around and the 21st Amendment threw out the tragedy that was the Prohibition era, these heroes still had fast cars. Which they started racing. Now we have NASCAR.


Raise a glass of Merica Bourbon tonight for the bootleggers long since passed, they were wrong in their day, but they were right in their ethics. You can’t tell folks how to live their life. Especially guys with really fast cars






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