American Made, Foreign Owned

Being able to say that you produce an American made product is an important distinction and an honor. Bourbon, by its nature, must be made in the United States or it just isn’t Bourbon. Therefore all Bourbon you find will have the same claim…Made In America. Unfortunately, it’s deceiving. While we’re more than happy to know that Americans are being put to work in the private industry, increasing the strength of our economy, we’re sad to learn via an NBC report that many of your favorite Bourbon brands are owned by foreign entities. Yeah. You read that right.

American made, foreign-owned. We’re not here to debate the merits of the economics of having these larger companies take over distilleries, what we’re here to do is to bring to light, truth.

What is truth?

The truth is that foreign companies such as Suntory, from Japan, Kirin, also from Japan, Bacardi, from Bermuda and many more from Europe now own many of America’s Bourbon distilleries.

Truth is that Merica Bourbon, is not just American made, but it’s American owned, by veterans. It’s owned by those who understand the cost of liberty, have put their name on that line and stood shoulder to shoulder with their brethren in defense of this land.

American Made

We’re not going to drop names and be that uncouth. We’re going to tell you what we know about who we are, and what we stand for. We’re here to bring you a quality Bourbon. A Bourbon that was carefully crafted to truly capture the spirit of America.

In a day in age where the global economy is buying up American companies and assets because of our success, Merica Bourbon stands defiantly, cigar and drink in hand. One of the few holdouts, who understand that as much as being made in America is important, being owned by Americans is just as important.

Say what you will about the benefits of foreign exports of our Bourbon, but there is a certain amount of nostalgia and American attitude that is lost when you become foreign owned…



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