Break the Stigma: Suicide in America

We’ve become disconnected. Distant. Fake. Each week it seems that more and more people are choosing this road. Rich, poor, obscure or famous and anything in between. It doesn’t really matter. Suicide. We’re particularly keen to the community in which we interact. Military, veterans, law enforcement, and first responders.  But the truth is this community does not have exclusive rights to the growing and depressing trend of suicide in this nation. It affects everyone.

What’s worse is that nobody wants to talk about it except on for a few days on social media and then it disappears again. There is a stigma that being at that low point makes you weak or “less than” as a person. It couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve seen successful wealthy intelligent people go down this road. We’ve seen brave veterans go down this road. We know of the celebrities as well. Every. Single. One.

On and on we could list the names of great people, who’ve believed in their heart of hearts, the world would be better off without them. When it simply wasn’t or isn’t true.

So its time we break the stigma.

It’s time for us as a community to stop being afraid to talk about our issues. We have to talk to our close friends and family about it, seek the help we need. Furthermore, it’s time that we listen and don’t judge, it’s time we actually help. It’s time that we get out of our comfort zones and face our fears. We talk about this uncomfortable trend with those who are enduring it and we connect in a way that actually helps them.

It’s time that if you’re feeling this way you reach out. There are people that care and there are resources to help, but you need to ask because this…this epidemic can only stop when we stop hiding it.

Sometimes all it takes is a conversation.

Editors note: I write this with a heavy heart as one who, once attempted to take their own life. If you see this, if you read this, and you’re in that place, please reach out to someone, people do care about you and want you to be successful in life. We want you to continue the fight. There is hope.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline


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2 thoughts on “Break the Stigma: Suicide in America”

  1. I am just a few days out from my latest attempt with pills. The worst pain is when you’ve given up, but your body keeps fighting to stay. Thanks for bringing some awareness to the problem. Semper fi.


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