John Wayne Troxell: Minces no words

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It’s refreshing to see the military be allowed to do what they are supposed to. Be violent, be deadly, be warriors and be honest about it. We all have a purpose, the militaries purpose is to be deadly efficient and kill those who would harm the United States of America or her citizens. In this realm being politically correct holds no power. For too long we’ve said neutralize instead of kill. Well, John Wayne Troxell doesn’t mince words when it comes to what we’re supposed to be doing.

Command Sergeant Major John Wayne Troxell became famous or infamous (either way we’re good with it) for his statements regarding what we should do to ISIS should they not surrender. He didn’t say that we’d bomb them shoot them, both of which are acceptable ways of dealing with ISIS terrorists. No instead he said we’d beat them to death with our E-Tools.

For those of you who don’t know what an E-Tool is, it’s short for Entrenching Tool, a collapsable short shovel/multitool useful for various tasks while in the field.

John Wayne Troxell

War sucks. Truthfully, people, you care about die. The more restricted you are in your “humane” war, the more people you care about get hurt. Therefore following the wise words of General William Tecumseh Sherman, “War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.”

CSM John Wayne Troxell, the Joint Chiefs, and Secretary of Defense (alternate title, Lord of War) Mattis, all have this one thing in common, they know that the more harsh and brutal you are to your enemy in war, the quicker you kill them and the deadlier you are, the sooner they will surrender and lose the will to fight. (Holy run-on sentence Batman)

John Wayne Troxell
DoD Photo / Army Master Sgt. Robert A. Couture

The United States of America is the worlds preeminent military power. We didn’t get that way by playing nice with everyone like 2nd graders on the playground. Thank you to CSM John Wayne Troxell for pointing out just what exactly needs to be done.


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