Top 5 Current Police Dramas on TV

Our society loves cop shows. Whether detectives or beat officers, nothing quite beats a good ol’ show bout the men and women in blue. There is always something intriguing and suspenseful about the “Who dun it?” aspect of these shows. So despite whatever disagreements you may have, we created a list of our top 5 Police Dramas, that are currently on TV. We know the old Miami Vice and 21 Jump Street (from the 80’s) are badass, but they’re not on the air anymore, so let it be.

Also, we know some of these shows will take some literary and creative licenses. Please hold the “Well in this episode and scene blah blah blah.” We get it, you need to prove you’re cool by disagreeing and being an expert on the internet, just relax and enjoy the show.


1. Southland

This show is gritty, dark, and humorous at the same time. The show follows detectives and patrol officers alike as their lives intertwine in the mean streets of South Los Angeles. It’s got humor. It’s got excitement and great writing. Despite our lack of experience when it comes to police work, we think this show is pretty spot on…for a TV show that isn’t “Cops”.

Police Dramas

2. Lucifer

There is not a lot of realism with this show as the premise is that the Devil himself, comes to earth and helps a detective solve crimes. It’s a weird, but compelling concept that has done pretty well for FOX and we’re actually hooked as well. We’re midway through Season 3 on HULU and we can’t get enough. Erase any thoughts of realism you have from your brain, and just sit back and watch an entertaining show.

Police Dramas

3. Chicago PD

We love how Chicago PD intermingles with Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. They really did an awesome job of writing the crossovers to tell a truly compelling story. If you’re looking for a new binge watch show, this is your stop.

Police Dramas

4. Blue Bloods

How do you not like a police show with Tom Selleck and his glorious mustache? You’d have to be unAmerican. The show follows the “First family” of the NYPD with Tom Selleck as the police commissioner and his children serving the NYPD (or the law) in various formats, great show to get hooked on.

Police Dramas


The original. All the other iterations are weak. Nobody can out-Gibbs, Gibbs. The Naval Criminal Investigation Service, no matter how far-fetched the stories seem, it’s been a mainstay for several years for good reason.

Police Dramas


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