Breaking News: Paris Hostage Situation

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Breaking news out of Paris. A hostage situation in the famed city.

There is once again violence in the streets of Paris. An unnamed assailant has taken at least two hostages that we know of while a few potential hostages managed to escape. They are being treated by medical personnel

Given the recent uptake in violence in France, the authorities couldn’t be more on guard and despite not treating this as a terror situation just yet, there are numerous well-armed law enforcement officers on the scene as a standoff has begun.

So far the only news that is coming out of Paris that the hostage taker is an unstable person and they has two known hostages.

With little to no news coming out of the scene, it’s difficult to say what is actually occurring at this time. The motivations and the affiliation of the attacker are unknown.

People, no matter who you are or where you are from it always pays to be aware of your situations and have a plan to defend yourself if you are able.

Thoughts and prayers, while a nice sentiment, is not going to do as much as taking your eyes off your phone for two to three seconds to gather some information about the world around you. Even if you can’t be armed with a weapon, you can be armed with your mind.

We hope sincerely that this incident is deescalated or resolved without any unnecessary loss of human life.

Stay alert and stay vigilant, always. It might not just be ISIS you gotta worry about coming after you.


EDIT: As of the last update the situation has ended with the safe return of the hostages.


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One thought on “Breaking News: Paris Hostage Situation

  1. Even if I could afford to finally see Europe, no way I would go now with the way things are threat-wise. I just hope that in 5-10 years, when I can afford to go, there will still be a Europe left to see. I am taking my son to see some of our East Coast so he appreciates what he’ll be fighting for when he leaves for boot camp in July and we will both have ours eyes and ears open and be aware of our surroundings when we’re out and about in major tourist areas. So true, don’t walk around with your nose in the cell phone all the time!