Space Force 2.0 3/5 (2)

Space Force 2.0…Why are we writing this? Because “why not” is a question we oft ask ourselves. Here are a few things we’re looking forward to in the Space Force.

Lightsabers being real. Okay, physicists, we’ve had enough of your shit, telling us that the technology for a functioning legitimate lightsaber is impossible and improbable and altogether fool-hardy. We don’t want to hear any more excuses. Lightsabers or bust! The Space Force needs this iconic weapon to strike fear into the hearts of enemies and take really cool moto pictures/videos.

Laser Rifle. No more excuses for those who can’t shoot with a laser rifle. Can’t blame it on the wind because it’s pure energy and the fact is, if you can’t shoot, you can’t shoot. Time to separate the shooters from the non-shooters. Plus, a much larger magazine size will reduce the amount of reloads and definitely give us fire superiority.

Starfighters. We definitely want to do this. Infantry is cool and all, but we’ve already done that dog and pony show. We went to college too, so now we get to be officers, so all that time playing Star Fox 64 hopefully didn’t go to waste (we were really good, take our word for it). X-Wings with our very own R2-D2 would be preferable, but we’ll take whatever we can get.

Space Force 2.0

Starships. Yeah, the time for the hybrid of a battleship and an aircraft carrier, put into the cold vacuum of space, is now here. George Lucas gave us the blueprint, now is the time to make this a reality. Gigantic laser batteries, super advanced starfighters (please give us an X-Wing). Try putting someone on the moon now China!

Space Force 2.0
There was a firefight!!!!

Doubtful that we’ll be able to enlist, but it’d be cool if like, our sons/daughters were badass Space Force warriors. We wonder what the motto will be?

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