We’re Compensating for Weak Allies

We’re compensating for weak allies. If the United States weren’t in NATO, it’d get its ass kicked. Plain and simple.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization contains 29 member countries, none of which hold a candle to the United States. President Trump is on his way to a NATO summit to talk about defense spending. Tactically we couldn’t agree more.

Ever since the founding of NATO in 1949, the United States combined with Britain, France, and Canada have been the preeminent military powers. However as time has passed, the United States a has found itself shouldering more and more and more and more of the burden regarding military might. We’re not exactly upset with this. We’re glad we’re strong. We kick ass.


We're compensating for weak allies

However, there comes a time when enough is enough and the rest of the member nations need to pull their weight. So many people within our nation and outside of our nation seem so ready to call out the United States for our enormous military budget, yet they forget who they will come running to should they need help. The United States. Because they can’t handle their own business.   The other 28 nations of NATO would still need help to keep a Russia (looking to make a comeback as a superpower) in check. Who are you going to call when Russia or China comes knocking? Croatia?

Add in the fact that China is looking to surpass the United States in military power, it sure would be nice if our NATO allies were able to hold their own in a fight, so we could focus on the legitimate threats in the world.

No offense, Poland but we doubt you, Luxembourg, and Belgium and France can stop Russia as it stands now.

We're compensating for weak allies

Yes, we spend more on defense than the other top eight nations combined (China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany). Maybe we wouldn’t have to spend so much if we could count on some of our allies to punch at a little bit heavier weight class. We’re compensating for weak allies and it’s time they up their contributions just a little bit.


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One thought on “We’re Compensating for Weak Allies

  1. Think of this, they will fight along US forces helping the US not to be alone on any confrontation.

    Will any of your staffs leave the desk and respond the call if a situation arises?

    The economic means of the US do not compare to other countries, it’s hard for other countries to commit higher amounts of money. Yes they need to try harder but the US should be happy to have partners for mutual coordinated defense instead of a improvisation on an hypothetical situation. Stop the bullshit and look for improving the situation