Smart Guns: Beating a Dead Horse 5/5 (2)

It isn’t rocket science. Or actually, maybe it is. This time it’s in the shape of a “smart gun” These technology-driven solutions to gun safety, such as “smart guns” offer some really cool ideas. But that’s all it is, an idea. When push comes to shove when lives are on the line, will the technology fail? Well, our iPhone barely recognizes our fingerprint in the best of conditions, yet we’re expected to believe this biometric technology will function day in, day out without fail? Nah, we’re not buying that ocean front property in Iowa.

“Well, what if the smart gun could prevent one innocent/accidental death?”

Ok fair question. But we offer the counter, what if one of these smart guns cause a death of a righteous individual trying to defend their lives or the lives of other innocents because the “smart gun” failed to work properly? We could easily “what if” these situations to death. With each question comes another question and another one and round and round the circle we go.

Claims like “It’d prevent suicide,” are disingenuous and purely emotional at their base. Sadly, we know from research if someone truly wants to take their life, they will find a way.

Is it sad? Yes. Is it tragic? Of course! It may be a difficult pill to swallow, but a “smart gun” is not going to stand in the way of that action or really any other violent action. In fact, it’ll most likely endanger the life of a law-abiding gun owner.

How? Well, we don’t really see criminals lining up to get the biometric identifying smart gun. Kind of counter-intuitive to their whole, don’t get caught goals. It doesn’t really seem like the right market. The only people that will use/buy this weapon are law-abiding citizens who purchase it for protection…

“Hey Bob, want a gun that might or might not work when your life depends on it?”

“Sure do Gun Salesman A! There is nothing I like more than a gun that is about as useful as a brick in a gunfight!” 

We keep seeing these new actions aimed at the tool and none of the actions aimed at the person. Sorry that we’re beating a dead horse here, but as long as David Hogg and his political puppet masters keep chomping at the bit to limit the rights of law-abiding gun owners, we’ll keep arguing the point.

This “Smart Gun” is is not a solution, it’s highly complex, highly experimental, and without a doubt, finicky, just like our iPhone.



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