There is Still a War Going On 5/5 (4)

There is still a war going on.

There was an iconic saying on a whiteboard. “America is not at war, the Marine Corps is at war. America is at the mall.” Those words defined many of our experiences overseas, whether Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Navy…there seemed to be a disconnect between the military and the civilized world. Iraq and Afghanistan were ever-present in the forefront of our minds because, hell, we were the ones there. We were the ones in the fight. Yeah, we’d rotate back to the states and all, but it was tantamount to getting a substitution in a football or basketball game, our “teammates” were replacing us and the “game” of war went on and on.


R.E.D Friday’s help, honestly that is probably one of the best ideas to come out in the GWOT era. Remember Everyone Deployed…because the truth of the matter…there is still a war going on in Afghanistan, there is still a war going on in Iraq. Men and women we regard as our “war family” are still chewing the same dirt, eating wheat snack bread with hands covered in CLP, and wishing a motherf***er would as they sit behind an M240 or M-2.

How easily we forget.

There is Still a War Going On

There is still a war going on and many of us are “at the mall.” It’s not unreasonable that we are. At a minimum many of us did 2 deployments, many did several more, but we’re not in the game or even on the team anymore, we’re in the stands on our cell phones trying to control our kids (who are just like us, little assholes). It’s not our world anymore.

There is still a war going on and you don’t have to do much, in fact, many of you are probably already doing what we’re going to suggest. Just remember them. Remember that there are still folks in harms way. Even if you just take a  singular moment to “vacate the mall”, and remember everyone deployed it matters.

Insider attack

ISIS Capital Captured in Afghanistan

Army Firebase in Iraq

Extremists to target U.S. Forces

There is still a war going on.

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