What Will The Space Force Actually Do?

Now that everyone has calmed down and the jokes are over…kinda at least for now (snicker). There is an actual question, “What will the Space Force actually do?” Certainly, the obvious answer is that they will guard us from outer space.  Ok, how?

So many questions, so few answers.

Aliens? Russia? China? Are we gonna Mike Eruzione the Russians and Chinese in space? Who knows.

See there is this cool thing called the 1967 Outer Space Treaty that prohibits certain activities from taking place in outer space. Mostly the treaty deals with stationing WMDs in outer space. It also prohibits countries from establishing military bases on celestial bodies as well…you know, like the moon.

Space Court

How do we plan on circumventing that whole gigantic legal ordeal that was actually one of the few “cooperative acts” ( we use that term loosely) that happened between the United States and the Soviet Union at the height of the space race and the Cold War?

Will there also be an allowance for bases on the moon like our current SOFA (Status of Forces Agreements)? Joint Forces base?

Will we actually have to legitimately build something akin to a self-sustaining aircraft carrier, only it’s a legitimate spaceship? Are we going to have to base all of our assets here on Earth and launch them to space for “deployments”? Sounds ridiculous right? Yeah, except after perusing the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, these seem to be some legitimate questions.

The idea for American dominance in space is not a bad one especially if we see Russia and or China looking to establish some sort of military presence in outer space. Does this treaty signed in the 60’s need to be scrapped for a new one?


What Will The Space Force Actually Do


Our barracks law degree has expired, so we’re not exactly sure what the solutions will be or what they even can be, but…

We hate to sound like a broken record and reiterate “What will the Space Force actually do?” is an important question when it comes to the laws of space and the technology required to get it off the ground per say.

We know it’s hard to take Space Force seriously, believe us, but we may be on the cusp of some history book making events if this goes forward.

What are your thoughts?

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