Doc Holliday: I’ll Be Your Huckleberry

Quick disclaimers on this bad boy. Technically speaking (we hate technically speaking) this was straight up murder. Also though, we think if we were judges, we’d side with good old Doc Holliday in this case given the circumstances and call it self-defense for the greater good. Why? Well, things were different in the old west.

See Doc Holliday was part owner of a saloon in Las Vegas, New Mexico (yeah it’s a real place, not the one in Nevada). Only one problem with that. People who get drunk and carry guns sometimes do stupid stuff while carrying guns and being drunk. Hence why as a general rule we don’t get drunk while using our guns. That’s beside the point, sort of. There was a ruffian by the name of Gordon, Mike Gordon. Mr. Gordon was about to make a very bad decision regarding his life.

Gordon got stupid drunk. Not a bad move sometimes, but in this case, it was his first mistake. Then he hit on one of the saloon girls. She was not having it. Gordon wanted her to leave the saloon owned by Doc Holliday and run away with him.  Mistake number two. She refused and he got mad. Oh boy, the dumb things guys do for women (sometimes we men are not the sharpest of bowling balls).

Doc Holliday

Gordon ran outside, piss drunk, heartbroken and armed.

He then proceeded to start shooting up in the air, into the building and all over. Well, Doc Holliday had enough of Gordon’s shit and stepped outside of the saloon, drew his pistol and performed the deed for which snipers are known for, one shot, one kill, ready to die but never will (except Doc Holliday did eventually die). That in our mind is self-defense and totally justifiable. A guy shooting up your business all drunk and angry, yeah, you can shoot that asshole.

He fired once with his pistol, hit Gordon and walked back inside. Gordon died the next day.

“This is funny.”

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