Sammy L. Davis: King of Battle

Artillery is known as the king of battle. However, on this November day, artillery had to step aside and hand its crown to Sammy L. Davis as he became the new king of battle. The North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong had no idea what hit them when Sammy came to play for keeps on November 19th, 1967.

Sammy’s family had a proud history of serving in the military, all the way back from the Spanish-American War, Sammy’s family let the enemies of the good old United States of America know they were not here to f*** around. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, right? So those communist sonsofbitches decided that it’d be a super swell idea to start mortaring Sammy’s firebase while a bunch of their Viet Cong buddies tried to assault the firebase. Not only no, but f*** no, you guys feel that? We do.

With indirect fire falling all around him and Viet Cong assaulting his position, Sammy grabbed a machine gun and turned down for what all over the assaulting forces.  They weren’t too keen on his aggressiveness so they put a hit out on Sammy and his gun grew. BOOM! The commies scored a hit with the recoilless rifle. The resultant blast sent Sammy L Davis and his gun crew flying away from the artillery piece.

Sammy L. Davis

Sammy got up and was like “I know these assholes did not just try to kill me like that.” So with a swagger, all his own, Sammy made his way back to the artillery piece and despite the cannon burning, Sammy defiantly slammed a round into the gun and fired a round at the assholes that just shot him. The inevitable recoil from the gun drove it backward and knocked Sammy down. Hell yeah, get some. Sammy returned to the gun to drop hate and discontent one more time. Can you believe those assholes put a mortar within 20 yards of him, wounding him? Jerks. Sammy wasn’t done yet though.

Despite the heavy enemy fire, being extremely wounded, he loaded the artillery piece and fired it AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! F*** me? No, f*** you!

Sammy L. Davis

Sammy grabbed an air mattress, yeah, a damn air mattress and floated to some wounded friends. Upon getting there he poured fire into the thick brush repulsing the Viet Cong. One man was evacuated immediately, the other two  Sammy L. Davis stayed with until he was able to pull them across the river. By the way, Sammy couldn’t swim due to a broken back…what the f***?

He then joined another Howizter crew and put rounds to the grounds ultimately scattering the enemy assault.

For his actions that day Sammy L. Davis was awarded the Medal of Honor and promoted from PFC to Sergeant.






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