Pills That Are Hard To Swallow: Being A Veteran Doesn’t Make You A Good Person

Uh oh. We know we’re about to get a flood of hate mail, but eh f*** it. We love the brotherhood. If you put on that uniform and served honorably, hell to the mf’ing yeah. You have a special place in our hearts. Let’s stop pretending that it makes you a good person though. Being a veteran doesn’t make you a good person.

Anyone that served can tell you, if they are being honest, that there was a shitbag in the unit that they wished was not there (it might even have been us).

Being a good person is more than the summation of what you did over 4 or 20 years. You could be a great dude or lady in the military and get out and be a total asswagon civilian. We’ll even venture to go as far as saying that if you’re one of those veterans that has a visceral hate for civilians and you vent about it on Facebook all the time, you’re probably that guy/gal we all hated. We’d watch your ass in a firefight and risk our lives to save you all the same, but you’re not coming to our kids birthday party.

Hell, we knew a guy, and we’re not gonna name drop, who was a straight up an absolute gangster in war. Put him in the civilian world. He was an asshole. Love him to death, nobody we’d rather have next to us in a firefight, but a total asshole back in the civilized world.

Being a veteran doesn’t make you a good person any more than driving a truck makes us cowboys.

It’s a great starting point. It’s a great place to learn selflessness, courage, honor…etc but just showing up doesn’t relegate you to sainthood.

Now you can choose to get mad and angry and send your hate mail, or you self-reflected like an adult and realize that even being a priest doesn’t necessarily make you a good person either. Or you can totally ignore us because this isn’t news to you and you’ve known this truth for a long ass time.

Shitbags come in all shapes and sizes and careers.

And think about this, if you disagree and hate us. We’re veterans and you hate us, so obviously we’re still right.


Know what we're sayin fam?

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9 thoughts on “Pills That Are Hard To Swallow: Being A Veteran Doesn’t Make You A Good Person”

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    I have few civilian friends most are bikers or red neck country boys who can hunt. I do realize I am that guy I don’t really like civilians I find most of them worthless

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    Thank you for …being a veteran doesn’t make you good… F**** THANK YOU!!!! I was raised by the shitbag you speak of (God bless his soul or maybe the Devil have mercy, probably high fiving the MFer). I loved & adored this man only to realize 40oddyrs later really what a narcissistic, undiagnosed or hidden mood disorder ASS he is/was. Go ahead …hate me …i don’t GAF. 🖤 I was the only one to a acknowledge, call him out, rejected by my family and after my sister and nephew had given their all to care for him his remaining months…my mother passed 3yrs ahead of him either by his hands or becsuse of him…I was there to put him where he belonged for his and others safety in the last weeks of his Gliobastoma brain cancer at a VA Home. AND HE WAS AN ASS LONG BEFORE HE WAS A CANCER PATIENT…I IMAGINE BEFORE VIETNAM. I honor his time as a U.S. Army soldier and proud of his medals for snipper expert pistol and rifle. He was in Vietnam 4m14d, has 3 purple hearts, 2 Bronze stars I think with the MF*oakleaf. He drove a tank. He was a radio carrier. He was a MF* tunnel rat (18 and
    skinny as hell.) Lived with chronic migraines from the days he came home from THAT Hell and nightmares ever night of his life there after. He lived to see his 70th birthday despite Vietnam and a deer stand accident that broke his pelvis in more that one place (he f**kin crawled on his belly out of the woods, pulled himself up into his closed cab John Deere drove home). Can you tell I’m proud of what a badass he was at the same damn time now of hating his MF guts. He taught me at an early age to know my direction in the woods…taught me to shoot any gun and above all to respect guns. That ASS was my hero. I sometimes feel I should get the veterans discounts. My last yrs experiencing life with him made me not have much respect for veterans but I’m coming back to love and appreciate the sacrifices you make/made for me/US. THANK YOU! FOR YOUR SERVICE! And thanks for the article …i was feeling guilt for the same sentiment/fact.

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    Correction: Driving a (truck, car, bus, moped, bicycle, little red wagon) in Austin, Tx requires you to a cowboy. Even if you’re not an asshole otherwise.

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    This ought to be common sense. Don’t put us on a pedestal, for most of us it’s not what we want.

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    Christopher Hartwick

    Truth hurt sometimes but it is what it is. I’m probably guilty of if and I wish I wasn’t. I can only hope I’m a better person than a shitbag


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