Most Purple Hearts

With tomorrow being Purple Heart Day, we thought we’d run down a list of bonafide fighters who have the most purple hearts awarded. Totally kidding when we say this but one would think after the first or second one, they would have learned that incoming fire has the right of way and that nothing in life slows you down quite like a sucking chest wound.

We don’t suggest trying to one-up the guys on this list though, because you will most likely die. Trust us, this doesn’t need to be the next internet challenge that sweeps the nation.

Curry T. Haynes
He leads the way with ten. Yes, you read that right. Curry has the most Purple Hearts awarded ever with a staggering ten. We’ve seen guys with two or three at most, it happens when you’re deployed multiple times, but TEN PURPLE HEARTS! Dude. Maybe take a day or two off. After six, nobody doubts your bravery, but you needed four more. Geez.

Most Purple Hearts

Albert L. Ireland
This is the only time we’re glad the Marine Corps didn’t top the list. Albert was the recipient of nine Purple Hearts. He made his venture across two wars. World War II and Korea. Geez. Let someone else go first for once.

Most Purple Hearts

The next few names are all tied for eight Purple Hearts. Yes, eight. We expected there to be one outlier with a lot of Purple Hearts, just a real glutton for punishment, but the truth is we didn’t expect there to be so many people with well over four Purple Hearts.

Robert T. Frederick – United States Army, World War II

David H. Hackworth – United States Army, 3x in the Korean War and 5x in the Vietnam War

Joe Hooper – United States Army, Medal of Honor recipient, Vietnam War

Robert L. Howard – United States Army, Medal of Honor recipient, Vietnam War

William Waugh – United States Army, Vietnam War


We’re honestly surprised. Before researching we thought the most would be like six. How very wrong we were.




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