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Brian Chontosh: Any Means Necessary 4/5 (4)

Who knows the story of Brian Chontosh? If you’re a Marine you’d better know. Brian exemplified exactly how a junior officer should lead during the push to Baghdad in 2003 while serving as platoon leader in Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion 5th Marines. Whiskey Company is the shit yo. Best company in every battalion.

Circa March 2003, some assholes thought they could out-asshole the United States Marine Corps, more specifically Lt. Brian Chontosh and his Marines. Bad idea. The enemy ambushed the Combined Anti-Armor Team with mortars, rockets and small arms fire. Moving out of the kill zone, Brian directed his Marines to go hey diddle diddle straight down the mo’f***ing middle. His gunner unleashed bursts from the Ma Deuce, going pop pop pop making bodies drop drop drop. Nothing machine gunners love more than a target rich environment, plenty of ammo, and a properly lubed belt fed weapon. We can practically smell the propellant!

Brian and his Marines arrived at the trench where the fire had come from. Jumping from the vehicle, Lt. Chontosh made like the grim reaper and killed a whole shitload of people. He ran out of ammo, but never fear. He found an enemy weapon and kept up his assault. Using the enemy rifles to make a wall of lead, Brian Chontosh was hell on two feet!

Brian Chontosh

One of his Marines found an unused RPG and we’re totally paraphrasing and assuming, but we’re pretty sure he was like “Neat! This can kill so many more dudes.”

When the smoke had settled and the dust had cleared, Brian Chontosh had cleared 200 meters of an enemy trench, like Usain Bolt with guns. At least twenty enemy fighters lay dead in the wake of one pissed off Marine, several more were wounded. For his actions that day Brian was awarded the Navy Cross. He would go on to command India Company of 3rd Battalion 5th Marines during Operation Phantom Fury.

If you’re gonna fire on the Marines, son you gonna learn today, you gonna LEARN TODAY!





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John Fannin

John Fannin

John spent four years as a 0351, Infantry Assaulltman in the United States Marine Corps. He deployed twice to the city of Ramadi, Iraq with 3rd Battalion 7th Marines. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2008 John pursued a degree in Kinesiology from Texas Lutheran University. During his time at TLU, John was fortunate enough to play football for a year and serve the local community as a volunteer firefighter. After graduating John worked as a personal trainer for few years before coming to work at American Grit. John is also the proud owner of a great beard.