What Ground Combat Entails Part Five 5/5 (2)

What ground combat entails part five…oh man. You will not once ever be f***ing comfortable. No matter what, being comfortable in a combat environment is an extremely relative term. You’re the most comfortable that you could be, but you’re never going to actually be comfortable. I used to love hearing high school kids tell me while they were trying to date my nieces how they were gonna be the next Carlos f***ing Hathcock, a real Chris Kyle sniper badass. Oh really?

It was only after being told that they would most likely have ants, spiders, and other creepy crawlies up around their prized family jewels or that they might come face to face with some pissed off highly venomous snake, or even piss or shit themselves that the excitement in their faces seemed to dissipate. Hmmm, I wonder why… Look I told you guys I’m no sniper, but I know a few dudes and the training, let alone what they may be asked to do is brutal. It is not comfortable.

Tanks, hummers, and MRAPS..whatever damn military vehicle it is, it isn’t designed to be a damn Cadillac, pimpin’ around the area of operations like Jay Z. Walking with a shit ton of gear on your back for hours at a time, no matter how in shape you are, is not comfortable. It just f***cking isn’t!

Ground Combat Part
You can’t tell, but South Korea in February is rocky, and cold, and wet and miserable.

So with all that being said. I will say this one thing, being in your woobie is comfortable as hell. I’m “old” and I still find comfort in my damn woobie. It’s a glorious thing. Aside from that one little caveat, if you want to be in the infantry, get ready to be uncomfortable for like 99% of the time.

There is good reason why a common saying amongst ground troops is “Embrace The Suck”. Shit f**king blows like a Cat 5 hurricane. You might as well just learn to enjoy the ride, because shits not gonna change anytime soon, even if you do get to be in the Space Force. Hell, they’ll probably make the space suits ride up in the crotch just to screw with you.





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