Top 5 Marine Corps Movies

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We all know that Full Metal Jacket is the definitive Marine Corps movie. It’s basically Marine Corps law that you have to watch the movie in order to be real Marines. That law is almost as strict as the mythical, real Marines are in the brig or have been NJP’d. So the question arises, after doing the best movies for the Army, what are the Top 5 Marine Corps movies outside of Full Metal Jacket?

Well, this is quite easy to compile this list as…well…we are Marines in large part here, so our list of best Marine Corps movies is made via suggestions of actual Marines. Tun Tavern! 1775! Opha Mae Johnson! Archibald Henderson! DRILL! Just kidding we’re not that motivated, we’re old.

1. Flags of Our Fathers
Damn. Just damn. If you haven’t seen this one, you need to drop what you’re doing and immediately buy it and watch it. Detailing the lives of several Marines and a Corpsman during the battle of Iwo Jima, this movie is a timeless masterpiece.


2. Heartbreak Ridge
Portraying Marines is easy, especially if you’re Clint Eastwood, you just have to act like you hate everyone, will kill anything and everything that threatens America, and boom, you’ve got the part nailed down. Heartbreak Ridge may not be…entirely accurate, but damn it makes us look like some studs!


3. Major Payne
Killin’ is my business ladies and business is gooood! How can you not love Major Payne? Again we are easy to portray, kill all of the bad guys without getting a scratch. Seems accurate enough in our book!


4. Battle: Los Angeles
It’s ok, nobody is going to judge you. You know you were excited in more ways than one to see Marines kick the shit out of aliens. We all were. It’s ok. You don’t have to be ashamed. Aside from a few dispersion discrepancies, the movie made us all go out and get another moto tattoo.



5. Rules of Engagement
Following in the path and honoring the ideas of our favorite fictional Marine, Animal Mother, the idea behind Rules of Engagement is that the Marines think they should win. They win handily. In our opinion, the movie did a great service to Marines and showed that our future enemy will not fight fair, will use civilians to conceal their hostile actions and be all around jerks.


Honorable Mentions: Jarhead, Generation Kill/ The Pacific (TV shows, but still definite must watch series), Taking Chance (Watch if you want to cry, because it will wreck you)


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