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United Flight 93: Not without a fight 5/5 (2)

America is full of extraordinary people. They live their lives mostly in obscurity because the opportunity for heroism doesn’t come along too often, but when it does…Americans show up. Heroes show up. Those men and women on United Flight 93 decided that whatever their fate may be, they would have a hand in deciding how it went. They would be in charge of their destiny, no power would be in control of their lives except for them.

Americans make their own fate. On that Tuesday morning, the passengers aboard United Flight 93 heard what kind of havoc was taking place in the skies…in New York, at the Pentagon. They would be used as a weapon to hurt this nation. They were going to be pawns in a deadly game of vengeance by men with a score to settle.  United Flight 93 had been hijacked and the hijackers claimed to have a bomb on board as the pilots of the aircraft lay dead on the cabin floor. With the rest of the passengers herded in the back, the plane changed course.

Cell phone conversations made by brave passengers alerted them all that two planes had been used as missiles, to crash into the World Trade Centers. It was then when this news reached their ears, that each man and woman on board that plane had a decision to make. Do nothing and certainly be used to hurt more Americans, or fight…have a chance, no matter how small to change the course of history for that day.

United Flight 93: Not without a fight

With several passengers, a plan was hatched to storm the cockpit. After minutes of planning, the famous words “Let’s roll,” were heard before the passengers attempted their attack. Data from the flight recorder made it clear that those brave men and women succeeded in their plan to put the plane in the ground, rather than allow it to continue to the intended target of either the White House or U.S. Capitol Building.

The impact killed everyone on board. Much like the firefighters and police that went up the towers courageously, knowing they’d be not long for this world, the passengers of United Flight 93 took a stand, even if it meant the ultimate sacrifice.

United Flight 93

Heroes. Every last one of them. Heroes. Never forget.





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