Derrick Lewis is the Hero we Deserve 4.92/5 (24)

It’s not every single day that you have a guy as blunt, honest and hilarious as Derrick Lewis. We here at American Grit feel that if anyone can unite the United States of America, it’s the man who was honest about the reason he took his shorts of post-fight. Despite taking several serious blows from his Russian opponent, Derrick would not be denied. He is indeed the hero we need, but more importantly, he is the hero we deserve!

While we work on ourselves as a country one thing still reminds us that we are one country, one people. Derrick. Because apparently Trump called him hours before the fight and said he needed to knock the Russian “motherf***er out”. We’re not entirely sure of the accuracy or the truth (whether or not Trump actually called him) but to be honest, we kinda don’t really care. The fact that he said it, and he did it is enough for us to get behind him.

Derrick Lewis is our Batman, he is the man that reminds us we’re all American and on the same team. Plus Putin and his boys were getting way too uppity, so we had to have a representative put Russia back in its place. China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, all you jokers need to take note. The United States may be in a weird place socially, politically, culturally, but remember, we’re still the country that could turn any other country into a parking lot on a moments notice.

Hero we deserve

When we look at how things are going in the world. It’s been a while since America has done some real, shock and awe, in your face ass kicking. Thank you to Derrick Lewis for putting the world on notice once more by physically demonstrating that the United States of America, is tired of your shit.

Derrick Lewis is an everyman in the United States, we’re just here doing our thing, we may be raw, unpolished, but hey we love this country and we’ll knock a f***er out for trying to mess with the U.S. of A.

Bold. Honest. Powerful. Raw. He is the hero we deserve!



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