SEAL Suspected of Executing ISIS POW

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Currently, there is a Navy SEAL undergoing an investigation into wrongdoing regarding an incident where he allegedly stabbed an ISIS fighter that had been subdued or captured. While many stateside who’ve never seen the brutality of war are probably quick to judge and cast the verdict of guilt and shame upon this man, we have a few things we’d like you to consider.

The battlefield is ever evolving. There are no longer lines or fronts…there are forward operating bases and firebases sporadically placed throughout areas of operation, but once you leave those “safe'” (it’s a relative term in this instance) havens, attacks could come from any direction. The battlespace is 360 degrees of possible hostilities. Make no mistake, infiltrating behind enemy lines in order to win has always been a thing, but now…now there isn’t even really a line to infiltrate behind. The enemy is all around us and nowhere at the same time.

While patrolling the streets of Ramadi in 2005, I was privy to having many detainees in the back of our highback humvee. It was basically a cab, with a metal armored box with an open top on the back. One Marine would usually provide overwatch in the back while the other watched over the detainee. Numerous times our detainee cried out in Arabic and given my basic understanding of Arabic at the time, was calling for help, calling for us to be ambushed as we drove down the dark streets back to Hurricane Point.

At night when everything is quiet, there is that weird effect where every sound, every noise seems to be amplified. His calls for help certainly in our mind could be heard throughout the city, rousing them to come fight the Americans. Ramadi was not a super friendly city in 2005. I, not wanting my picture to end up on CNN as the latest casualty, on more than one occasion told the detainee I’d kill him if he made another sound. Sucks to be a war criminal and all, but sucks worse dying. Luckily that issue never had to be addressed as they believed I would most certainly send them to their maker. The truth remains simple, I didn’t want to die via RPG to the cargo area of our hummer. I’d rather be alive.

ISIS Fighters

We don’t know the circumstances surrounding the death of this “POW,” the details of the investigation have not been leaked. We can’t ascertain if this fighter was still a threat or not, but this incident raises questions about the future of warfare.

Is an enemy fighter a POW if he/she can still influence the fight against us in a major way while on the battlefield?

Is he/she not still an active combatant and shouldn’t they be treated as such?

Rules of engagement were kind of simple at the time of me in Iraq. “If you witness a hostile act or hostile intent, you can engage.” Calling for someone to RPG us certainly seems like a credible example of hostile act/hostile intent. Luckily we got intel out of the asshole and so it’s good that I didn’t kill him…but what could have been. Would I have been crucified as a man, would my unit have suffered the ill effects as well?

With the ever evolving scope of asymmetrical warfare, we feel that this question is something that needs to be addressed.

…also, one less ISIS on the planet can’t be too horrible of a thing.

Know what we're sayin fam?

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15 thoughts on “SEAL Suspected of Executing ISIS POW

  1. In all reality he’s considered a combatant, he may not have a weapon and might me restrained. He decided to use his voice as a weapon to call for support and counter attack.
    In reality they don’t take prisoners, they saw off heads. Unless the government provided you with ball gags from Killary’s closet I’d say ROE was followed.

  2. Those guys are non-uniformed combatants. They aren’t allowed under international law PW status. Geneca Accord and Hague Accord, if I recollect correctly, allow assassination of non-uniformed combatants bcs as non-uniformed combatants, they initiated an unlawful attack on uniformed troops. UCMJ may see things differently, but killing an ISIS fighter, subdued, captured or otherwise, is certainly not a war crime.

  3. I was at Camp Ramadi with an US Army Engineer BN, our job was to conduct Route Clearance Missions in the City of Ramadi and the surrounding An Bar Province! Lots of fun driving down a road at 7mph looking for ieds! My platoon staged out of Hurricane Point several times, I may walked or road past you there or inn the City.

  4. Maybe he didn’t know the meaning of “SHUT THE FUCK UP”!
    Maybe he saw his girlfriend standing on the corner, eating hay and tried to escape to her.

    Hopefully the SEAL used the same knife he cut his bacon with that morning.

  5. kill everyone of them-i’ll hold your stuff-i’m so sick of our people being slaughtered by seventh century,pajama wearing, Neanderthals,the rules of war is, there are no rules of war!!

  6. I feel like a little common sense applied would go a long ways in these situations! In my personal opinion if a Detainee even makes an attempt to hinder the remainder of the mission in any way what so ever that the option to execute should be on the table and justified!

  7. The way I see it they fight dirty and have no rules except kill as many Amercicans as they can. They will be head ya the first chance they can get and then kick it around like a soccer ball. Kill every damn one of them and torture every damn one to find more and rid this earth of the scum.

  8. Well John I was at Tal Afar during that year and sometimes the ROE didn’t seem fair, it was like taking a knife to a gun fight. In addition we still have to deal with Civilian dressed combatants now that’s headache.

  9. No reason to fret. He was just Isis. I mean they are the pigs of this Earth. You kill one of them you’re just stepping on an ant in my opinion. Just imagine what that Isis would have done to any of us

  10. As combat veteran myself, the thing that disgusts me the most, is how our liberal government believes that they can send a volunteer armed force to a foreign country that they themselves and their children would never enter and then judge our actions in a court of law. If you are willing to sacrifice your life for the lives of your countrymen, then at a minimum, you should not have to have the added stress of worrying whether your split second decisions in a combat situation, will end with a jail sentence. FUCK THE LIBERAL POS that sends others to do the bidding that he or she is unwilling to do. They are not worthy to judge those that do what they are not willing to do. I’m sorry, but I will not lose any sleep over the death of someone that wipes their ass without toilet paper, tries to kill me, lives in a cave and fucks goats when women aren’t available to him. On top of all that, the liberal pansy sent me there to kill those people in the first place, so don’t punish me for what you feel bad about making me do to those you wanted dead in the first place. Young men under stress and fear of being killed can make mistakes, that doesn’t mean they should be punished for those mistakes. Those mistakes are the hazards if war a d everyone knew that before they put those young men I to that situation. If anyone deserves punishment, it is the politicians that sent that young man into that situation in the first place.

  11. These Isis fighters are not in uniform and do not belong to any specific country or legitimate leadership. I would not consider them even as POW but rather terrorist and insurgents. In the situation you were in, its either your life or his. He choose his and you must do whatever to protect yours and the others who support you. Do not feel guilty that you will hurt him because he won’t hesitate to hurt you or any of us so called “kafir” or infidels. They hate all of us by the way, so that’s the whole point !