Since 1775

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Ahhh the Marine Corps. We really are a rare breed. Ever since 1775 from jungles to the seas and even to the sun-baked sandboxes, we’ve managed to carve out a reputation for being almost otherworldly on the battlefield…why is that…? Why can the Marine Corps seem to do what others deem impossible?

Because the very essence lethality is bread into every single Marine from day one…

Take, for instance, the mission of the Marine Corps rifle squad;

“To locate, close with, and destroy the enemy, by fire and maneuver, or repel the enemy assault by fire and close combat.”

It is a very important phrase because as you look at the specific wording, it is there for a reason and illustrates what we introduced in the first paragraph. It says destroy. Not pacify, not kill, but rather it goes to the extreme, “close with, and destroy the enemy”. We initially say we’re going to get in your face, right up on you and not merely kill you but destroy you. As in leave no trace for the history books that you existed. Destroy.

How will we do that? We will use fire and maneuver. There is no mincing words, no lofty poetic piece of prose. We will erase any history of your existence in an up close and personal manner by out shooting and out maneuvering you.

Then if you try to attack us. We will fight to the death again with superior fire and up close in the face combat.

See it’s not so much that we’re called Marines, so much as it is the idea that Marines have fully bought into the mission. We have embraced it and owned it as if it were our own child and we will staunchly defend that mindset and ethos. Just like we have since 1775.


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2 thoughts on “Since 1775

  1. I am in awe! I’m disabled, and cannot serve!! But my elders have fought in every branch, every action and war since they came to this land!! But the first time I saw the Marine honor guard at an air show at Mir Mar, San Diego!!!! The percision in which they carried out the routine, I was hooked!! But it didn’t play out for me, but my daughter now, wants to train dog’s in the Corps!!! Hopefully her dream will come true!!
    Thank you for your service!! All of those who are willing to write that”BLANK Check” !!