What You Can’t Do As A Gun Owner

Be a gigantic piece of shit. That’s what you can’t do as a gun owner. We’ve seen it on the news from every corner of the country. People who ride the line of being justified in their shooting and people acting like paranoid douche canoes who feel powerful because they have a firearm.

We love guns. Absolutely love guns. Have tons of guns and enjoy shooting them. Think more people should have guns. Also, we think that people should, of their own free will and training…not be gigantic tool bags wielding a firearm.

We don’t have the time or space and most people don’t have the attention span to read what would most likely be a list of instances where people thought they might possibly be justified in discharging their firearm only to find out they are guilty of attempted murder. In a country of 88 million gun owners, some of them are sure to be assholes statistically. So we ask…or rather suggest that if you are a responsible gun owner and you see a fellow gun owner being a moron, do your best as a like-minded brother to ensure they quit being toolbags.

Deadly force is only authorized in certain instances. Like legitimate instances where someone’s life or property is at risk of grievous harm. Someone breaking into your house in the middle of the night with unknown intent, totally defensible. Someone ringing your doorbell…not so much.

We don’t know the circumstances behind some of the stories, so we don’t want to go too far and cast guilt before all is known, but we know inevitably from our time with people that some folks, no matter their background is, are assholes.

As a gun owner, you can’t give the rest of us a bad name. You can’t give those who would strip us of our rights more ammunition to assert things about the majority of us that just aren’t true. Be ever vigilant, be ever



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2 thoughts on “What You Can’t Do As A Gun Owner

  1. We actually had a CHP holder fire a round into the asphalt, as a warning shot, when he saw two people (in broad daylight) chasing a guy. Turns out the two people were chasing a mentally ill patient being transported from one facility to another. The idiot was stunned when the cops cuffed his ass and politely told him, “We don’t fire warning shots. That’s Hollywood BS!” Lost his firearm and his CHP, for life!