Social Media and Gun Purchases

Well. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any dumber, they do. Two New York lawmakers are drafting a bill that would force a check out all your social media before you purchase a gun. Because you know, obtaining a firearm in New York is already super easy without any hoops to jump through and a literal metric shit ton of regulations already on the books (that was sarcasm in case you weren’t sure).

No, we’re not joking. The two lawmakers, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, and state Senator Kevin Palmer are trying to write and pass a bill that would allow authorities to review and restrict citizens from firearm ownership based off of their social media postings going back three years and internet search history from one year.

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then we don’t want to know where the f*** this road is leading.

This bill, imagined up in the guise of “safety” is an epic violation of the 4th and 2nd Amendment. Check that it’s not a violation, it is an egregious assault on both. You are no longer safe from the overreaching, ever watching big brother.

Make a joke that someone reviewing took the wrong way? Suddenly you can’t purchase guns.

Share a meme that a reviewer didn’t like? No gun for you. 

Post a dissenting, but totally rational opinion that the reviewer doesn’t agree with? Done with guns you are. 

Make a dumb post in the heat of the moment, but that’s as far as it goes? Too bad so sad. 

Searched for something controversial for educational purposes, the reviewer can’t tell your intent, now you can’t purchase firearms.

We’re almost at a loss for words given how just downright blatant they are in their attempt to restrict the rights of citizens in that state. There are countless ways this bill could be abused if it were passed. There is no surefire way to assure the citizens that they would ever get a fair shake unless their ideals lined up with the powers that be.

We don’t need to tell you all how dangerous that could end up being.

Seriously. Make 1984 fiction again! 


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