Pabst Blue Ribbon In Trouble

You know what they say about American beer right? It’s like sex in a canoe, it’s f***ing close to water. However, that being said, many a people thoroughly enjoy for some reason Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) beer. If you can even call it beer, but we digress. The beer famous for being cheap and bad is in danger, and not because people won’t drink it. They still drink it, again we have no idea why, but that’s not the point.

MillerCoors actually produces the PBR brand beer, they don’t own it, it’s merely a partnership meant to benefit both brands. However, the current contract ends in 2020 and MillerCoors is looking to charge more to produce bad beer. Ok, ok, I know, maybe I’m being unfair here towards PBR because we all know what the best beer in the world is right? Free. The best beer in the world is any beer that is free, so if there is PBR that I don’t have to pay for…then despite it being PBR, it is the best beer in the world.

Anyways moving forward, PBR decided that MillerCoors was in effect holding them hostage because if they refuse to go along with the price hike, PBR is effectively done. Gone. Finished. Hasta luego. Do not pass “Go” do not collect two Benjamin Franklin’s. And as N’Sync would say “Bye bye bye!” (Because we all know how all N’Sync fans are super big fans of PBR too). Due to this de facto hostage situation, PBR has decided to sue MillerCoors for $400 million dollars. That’s no chump change either.

If the lawsuit fails, PBR will be done for and despite how much I hate the abuse of alcohol by wasting it on the ground, you might have to pour out a few for the “first place, blue ribbon beer”. The demise of PBR would lead to far more responsible decisions as we could not afford as much beer, therefore getting less drunk…that is something we’re definitely not ok with.




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7 thoughts on “Pabst Blue Ribbon In Trouble”

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    One of my fondest memories was drinking PR longnecks and dancing with unfamiliar women in Dellwood, WI while deer hunting in the early 70s. Called the Dellwood Pavillion, the venue catered to the annual influx of men with polka music and beer.

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    I’m like Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. I like beer ! I’m a long time beer drinker . Pabst like many other classic old time beers is not bad , and think about it . . you can drink seven or eight of these in an evening and still function. . . oh and also after the first two . . does it really matter ? ! I’ll take PBR over the many fancy beers and high alcohol craft beers ! If I’m during beer I want more than one ! Red neck white socks and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer ! Love it ! Don’t stop making it . . Please .


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