SecDef Mattis Is Out

Well, it was f***ing nice while we had it. For this little bit of time, the world would definitely not be f***ing with the United States,¬†because well…Mattis, but amid disagreements and whatnot tactically speaking, CHAOS Actual has decided that if nobody is going to f***ing listen, then he’ll just leave.

It is quite honestly a shitty situation. There is literally nobody else who we trust as much as that man to put the troops in the best possible position to win, to scare the ever living daylights out of both Beijing and Moscow. Whoever comes after him will have undoubtedly large shoes to fill as nobody else on this planet has done as much to earn the respect of his men like Mattis has.

As much as we could say we didn’t really see this coming, the writing was on the wall when John Kelly left as Chief of Staff. This latest departure is going to definitely pose some large scale problems for the administration as quite possibly the greatest tactical mind of the Global War on Terror generation is no longer the man leading the charge.

Mattis, we loved having you as Secretary of Defense, as much as we joke and make memes about Lord Mattis, creator of Chaos and bringer of destruction, the truth is we only did so because we had utter faith that should the inevitable World War 3 pop off, that we’d be the ones spilling a majority of the blood and standing atop a pile of bodies much like the Marines, soldiers, and sailors of World War 2 did.

We’ll always remember the words of Mattis, and we’re paraphrasing a little (because we don’t exactly remember where we heard the quote, probably sometime back when this Marine was still active duty) but the saying was

“If it doesn’t add to our lethality or combat effectiveness, then why the hell are we even discussing it.” Again paraphrased, but he was a true warrior who legitimately cared about those under his command and their ability to fight and win!


p.s. we’ll never forget the time to allegedly told Spicer that you’d send his ass to Afghanistan, (we laughed our asses off for hours)

Know what we're sayin fam?

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6 thoughts on “SecDef Mattis Is Out”

  1. As the grandson of a deceased Marine….and huuuuuuge fan of Mattis……its truly sad hes leaving, Im literally disappointed tonight……he was THE reason other countrys were affraid to f**k with the u.s. The General is the ass kicker, fully okay with truly putting foot to ass with no fear…….I for the first time disagree with trump for accepting the retirement….I feel like mattis is god’s “muscle” in his fight with satan…..smh……sad time with mad dog leaving

  2. Fuck face trump doesn’t know how good our troops were being led and now that son of a bitch will appoint some ass kisser who like trump doesn’t have a fucking clue about how to protect our country

  3. When he leaves office I will feel just a little less safe. Trump should swallow his pride, and beg this man to stay. The world fears Trump not because of who he is, but because of who was standing behind him. Mr. Mattis, you will be missed.

  4. Kelvin E. Solomon

    Well fuck, just when I felt safe not stocking up on so much ammo to defend against the coming hoards both foreign and domestice. Trump goes and loses sec/def Mattis. My only hope is that God is truly does have our six cuz we’re gonna need all the help we can get. Maybe “Red Dawn ain’t that far away


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