Colin O’Brady Beats Out British!

If you don’t believe us when we say Americans are still tough, then you’d be wrong. Despite the fact that we make tons of TV shows that highlight the physically weak and weak-willed among our nation, shows that all give us pause and drive our minds to think “We’re certainly doomed,” there are still amazingly tough, both physically and mentally men and women among us.

One such instance is Colin O’Brady, an American endurance athlete who decided that all the other endurance challenges in the world were for pansies. Instead of competing those challenges designed for mere mortals, Colin decided the unforgiving and hostile barren wasteland that is Antarctica would be a challenge fit for him and his will.

So, Colin set out. All by his lonesome, no one to help him or feed him or do anything for him. No. He truly wanted to test his grit against that of the worst Mother Nature had to offer. The most literal personification of Man versus Nature anyone in our modern world has ever seen or attempted. And what happened? The American, the endurance athlete, the man Colin O’Brady spent 54 days trekking the continent.

The trip was deemed impossible by all logic. No one had ever done it and the one man who had attempted to cross the formidable foe, forever forsaken by frost and frigid temperatures fell under the full weight of his exhaustion. Henry Worsley attempted this feat in 2016…ne’er to return.

His compatriot, another Brit, Louis Rudd undertook the adventure to honor his fallen colleague. However…

It would be the endurance athlete from Oregon, the American who would be the first man to trek across the frozen continent.

So while we lament over another season of “16 and Pregnant,” remember there are still some badass Americans out there. Badass Americans like Colin O’Brady.

Hey Britain, sucks to get beat by America again huh? 0-3 now is it? Colin O’Brady whipped your ass!

Know what we're sayin fam?

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